Retired Military officials storm Ministry, and demand to meet with leadership (VIDEOS)

Photo by
About one thousand retired military officials stormed into the Ministry of Defense at about 15:00 today from Messogeion Street in downtown Athens. Security officials tried to stop them but they were unable to control the large crowd and the protestors were successful in entering the Ministry. According to reports they shattered windows and damaged the guard entrance. The police were quickly dispatched to the scene.
They were immediately asked to leave or they would be expelled by (military) force but this did not frighten the retirees who were so determined to meet with Ministry officials that they remained on the scene and screamed out for the leadership to “come out” and meet with them.
The retirees, who are set to take a heavy cut in their pensions, left the premises shortly after 16:00 furious because Ministry officials refused to meet with them.
Both videos are from newsit.

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