Moscow sends Admiral Kuznetsov to guard Plot 12 in Cyprus’ EEZ (VIDEO)

Moscow just announced that the Battle Group of the “Admiral Kuznetsov” aircraft carrier, from the North Sea (Barents Sea), will now sail towards the Eastern Mediterranean, near “Venus” or Plot 12 in Cyprus EEZ. The last time the fleet was in this area was three years ago.The aircraft carrier will depart on November 13 in order to take part in sea exercises in the Barents Sea and remain there for one week. Then on November 19 it will begin its journey to the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to a report on defencenet the duration of the mission will be three months. Admiral Kuznetsov and the ships accompanying this grand aircraft carrier are expected to cross the Strait of Gibraltar in late November when the data from Cyprus’ drilling is published The naval force consists of six destroyers, frigates as well as support ships!

A conventional Russian submarine is already conducting routine patrols in the area, but it was decided that there be more “persuasive” power projection to “surface” vessels. Of course no one expected that Moscow would send the “Admiral Kuznetsov”. Set to accompany this renowned Russian aircraft carrier is the destroyer Admiral Chabanenko, (Udaloy II type). Defencenet noted that there is also great concern over the developments in Syria as well.

Russia has already sought permission from Cyprus to perform surveys in two of its “plots” which are now being “somehow” eyed by the Turkish Fleet!

Surely Moscow’s move to send this fleet to the area is an obvious answer to Ankara’s bullying in these specific plots to –stay away- or…. you never know what can happen!

The Russian aircraft carrier is equipped with 19 aircraft Su-33, 4 Su-25 (impact) and 17 Ka-27 helicopters and will transport a large number of nuclear warheads for use on missiles P-700 Granit.


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