Erdogan attacks Greek position on name issue with FYROM

While on an official visit to the neighbouring Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) at the invitation of Nikola Gkrouevski, Turkish Prime Minister R.T. Erdogan took another opportunity to attack Greece on the name issue claiming that he could not understand the “absurd and unjust Greek position” on this issue while he stressed that FYROM “has a natural right to use the constitutional name by which it became an independent state with.” Putting a little bit of his Turk “idealism” in the conversation, Erdogan rejected any attempt by FYROM to reconcile on a name that uses a geographical designation (such as Upper, Northern Macedonia, etc.) because he said “we live in a global world where you must dominate the peace and understanding “. He also added that Skopje “deserves a place” in the EU and in NATO.

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