Turkish fighters invade Greek air space, Greek fighters to the rescue

photo by defencenet
Turkish fighter jets violated Greek airspace again on Wednesday and obligated Greek air fighters to show the same aggressive behaviour.

From Greece it was reported that two F-16’s from 341M in N. Anchialos and two 330m from South Anchialos – “Keryanos” and a Mirage 2000-5 from 331M were called to action and were challenged with what defencenet just said a very heated tough situation. So much so, that the pilots did not stop until the fighters ran out of fuel.

The dogfight began when a Turkish fighter from Balıkesir attempted to hook a shot parameters missile AIM-120 at the Greek fighters. The outcome of the aerial dogfight is predictable. Ultimately the Greek air force was able to seize full control of Hellenic airspace, even though they were caught off guard by the Turkish fighters, and were capable enough of surprising the opposite side who did not expect this aggressive reaction.

Before the aerial challenge took form and colour, defencenet said that two formations of the Turkish Air Force consisting of 12 fighters, eight of which were armed, made three violations over Greek National Airspace (IDPs) and two violations of the Athens FIR.

Entanglements between Hellenic, alerted fighter aircraft and Turkish fighters violating Greek airspace had not been recorded since September 2010.

Officials at the Defence Ministry were said to be monitoring the situation very carefully.


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