Letter – In loving memory of Nadia

Suicide, voluntarily taking one’s own life, occurs in every country in the world. In Western societies, suicide is recognized as a leading cause of early death, a major public health problem, and a tragedy for individuals and families. Greece is no exception. Statistics say that every day at least two people commit suicide because they are piled with debt. One such case was Nadia. At the weekend, Nadia, a 39-year old mom, decided to take her life because she was deep in debt. After the bank seized her home, she was sentenced to prison for her debts, and her will for life just vanished. One of her friends wrote the most moving letter to Olympia.gr and I would like to share it with all of you.

The sender is obviously anonymous.
Forgive me girlfriend.
I could not come.
I could not stand to see a two meter tall beauty in a box.
I want to remember my swimming companion. (We swam) for endless hours trying to touch the sun that was getting ready to set into the horizon in Varkiza.
I want to remember to you winning, smiling, falling in love, dancing.
Why (did you this) girl?
For 50,000 Euros?  100,000?
You couldn’t stand the idea of entering prison (did you)? But you can’t get out from that soil…

What happened to your self-discipline? 
Where did your stubbornness fly off to?
You were defeated by 300 criminals. You were murdered by 300 beasts!
Peter’s eyes are empty. I know Peter will wear explosives and burst into Parliament (from his sadness).
When he comes to grips with your passing… he will (do it).
Goodbye. I cannot cry…  I have no courage.
But I will promise you this.
At some point down the road I will give your son a copy of the current practices of the Greek parliament, with all 300 names. And I will circle (the names) of all of those who will vote in favour of the emergency tax on properties in red.
I will tell him that the 300 (Parliamentarians that our governing our country) are responsible for his mother’s death.
I will tell him that they are serial killers because they will murder many more like you Nadia.
And then that child will do whatever his soul tells him to do.
Peter asked me to say goodbye to you via the web. You loved the web. I was obligated to do as he wished.
Take care wherever you are, and take care of us.
Just like you did always, when we opened our hearts to one another…
Goodbye. I hope you are enjoying… your journey on the sea.

According to Wikipedia, suicide levels are highest among the retired, unemployed, impoverished, divorced, the childless, urbanites, empty nesters, and other people who live alone. Suicide rates also rise during times of economic uncertainty.

To her family and friends: When God reached down His loving hand, it was not easy for you to say “good-bye”, but with time He will gently dry each fallen tear and then you will understand “why”.


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