UPDATED: Turkish planes swarm over Cyprus from West and East

Six Turkish F-16 fighters and a number of unspecified helicopters just flew 50 miles west of Paphos while in the eastern part of the island two Turkish fighters and four helicopters just flew over the area of Cape Greco. 
Meanwhile, everyone is in position around the area of Noble Energy (Turks are apparently located only15 miles away from the drilling) with Turkish air force and navy literally humiliating Greek politicians as being the so called “hard core of national security” in regards to Cyprus, a report from defencenet said.

The area is completely clear and there is nothing moving all the way till Rhodes, following explicit orders from the Greek government (meaning that Greek national security has totally disappeared).

Parallel to this the Piri Reis is conducting illegal seismic surveys in Cyprus’ EEZ and our government in Athens is busy bowing down to invaders by sending them olive branches!

The Turkish Air Force also livened up the rather dull Aegean as well. According to a separate report on defencenet an unmeasurable amount of violations and infringements were recorded by Turkish fighters over the Greek Aegean especially after the statements by Turkish Prime Minister T, Erdogan who said that he sees relations
with Greece worsening. The report on defencenet said that least 12 Turkish fighter jets and two CN-235’s, one of
which was electronic warfare and intelligence CN-235 M-100 SIGINT /
ELINT made their presence known from one corner of the Aegean to the other committing some 21 violations of Greece’s National Airspace (ERA) and five violations of the Athens FIR.

Of the 12 Turkish fighters four apparently were armed. Jamming was not achieved and several Greek fighters 15PM (Suda), 135SM (Skyros), 133 CP (Kastelli) took off to stop them.

This sudden provocation is certainly not accidental, nor
can it be explained by plausible explanations such as we are conducting sea “exercises” in the area and we accidentally infringed your airspace several times….

It was undoubtedly
intended to pressure the Greek side so as not to proceed with any
action in defense of Cyprus when Turkey decides to escalate the tension in the East Mediterranean.

May God have mercy on us all


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