MUST WATCH VIDEO – 6 and 9 year old babies get married off in mass wedding in Palestine

From the depths of Youtube I uncovered two videos today after viewing a relevant story on a wall of one of my friends. His video was with sliding pictures, but after doing a little bit of research I found the story on Al Jazeera. I am surprised that it escaped the news world, but then again we all know that our “newsworthy” mainstream media in Greece, as well as anywhere else in the world only publishes matters of importance… such as why did Madonna dump her latest boyfriend, or how much Despoina Vandi spent at Victoria Secret, or better yet, what ice cream flavors Sakis Rouvas prefers while he is vacationing on Mykonos.

The only things I feel after viewing these two videos… are rage and total disgust.

In a mass wedding organized by Hamas, 450 young couples got married in the Gaza Strip. According to an Al Jazeera report Hamas financed the celebrations which included both Hamas supporters as well as couples from other Palestinian factions.

Sounds normal so far right… WRONG!

The brides at these weddings… were no more than SIX and NINE years old !

I indeed respect the customs and traditions of any culture and society… but when it comes to children I cannot sit back and watch (let alone digest) such atrocities and will tell it like it is..

This is by far the worst type of CRIME known to man.

Anything that moves and/or walks and that can violate, harm, hurt and abuse a child cannot and WILL NEVER be supported by me or anyone I know.

This also got me to thinking about other things that hit home. For instance, are these the type of “traditions” that all these illegal mass immigrants from Arab countries are bringing into Greece? These type of “traditions” from what I am learning are not only confined to this area of the globe, but rather span across the Arab world as well (as shown in the second video.)

Specifically, in the second video we learn that one of the wives that the prophet Mohamed took was six years old… but he deflowered her at the age of nine. And… from what the speaker (or spiritual  leader) says in the video Arabs who follow Mohamed’s teachings also follow his way of life. He also goes as far as saying that not all countries marry off their daughters at the age of six or nine, some “promise them” to grooms at the age of eleven or thirteen (as if this softens the blow and is less offensive than the age six or nine). 
I have the utmost respect for Mohamed and his teachings, but I cannot agree with this spiritual leader’s philosophy because anyone, or any entity that preaches about love cannot promote the outright abuse of children. 
Is this the type of culture we as Europeans, as North Americans and citizens of the world want to be exposed to?

Western law does not support these “types of traditions”, but shouldn’t there be something said or done?

Is the West in a position to monitor and control this? 

Will we allow this to infiltrate into our communities?

Can you stomach the idea of your baby being having SEX at the age of NINE?

Sounds harsh.. and raw doesn’t it? But that is exactly what we are talking about here.

This has to end. It is a complete and utter tragedy!

Marina  Spanos

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