X-Files – Travel to the Scariest Places on Earth

The World’s most scariest places may give you the heebie jeebies and even make you a believer of the paranormal. Paranormal activity is an international affair, and apparitions intermingle with the living everywhere day and night.
When it comes to the number and regularity of ghost sightings and
unexplained events, the sites featured on today’s X-files can’t be beat. Join us today as we feature the spine-chilling Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, the voodoo market in Mexico, Dracula’s castle in Romania, the Amytiville House on Long Island and even the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Australia. These locations are said to be places where the living and the dead mingle together freely but we will allow the videos to do most of the talking.  
The Mutter Museum of Medical History in PA

Mutter Museum – The Mütter Museum is a medical museum located in the Center City area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It contains a collection of medical oddities, anatomical and pathological specimens, wax models, and antique medical equipment. The museum was founded to educate future doctors about anatomy and human anomalies. It is a museum of pathologies, ancient medical tools and biological exhibits. The museum is known for its extensive collection of skulls. It also has various unique exhibits, for example, the dead body of a woman which turned into soap in the ground where she was buried. One can also see there the Siamese twins sharing only one liver, the skeleton of a two-headed child and other hideous exhibits.
The witchcraft market in Sonora, Mexico
Black Magic Shops in Mexico – Witches in Sonora sit in tiny booths and promise to relieve clients of poverty and infidelity for only $10. The market is open every day for pilgrims from Mexico and foreign tourists, who come to Sonora to find out at least something about their future. Anyone can buy there mysterious potions, snake blood and dried humming birds to tame their luck.
The Catacombs of Paris

The Catacombs of Paris – The walls of the long corridor are “tiled” with skulls and bones. The air is very dry, carrying only a slight hint of decay. When you get into the catacombs underneath Paris you begin to realize why Viktor Hugo and Anne Rice wrote their famous novels about these dungeons. They stretch for about 187 kilometers underneath the whole city, and only a small part of them is open for access. They say that the legendary underground police patrol the catacombs, although legions of zombies and vampires seem to be more appropriate at this point.
The Winchester House in San Jose, California

The Winchester House in California – The mystery house is a colossal construction, a home to many myths and prejudices. A fortune-teller once told Sarah Winchesater, an heiress to an armory company, that ghosts would haunt nut her throughout her life, so she needed to leave Connecticut and travel to the west, where she would need to build a huge house, the construction of which would have to continue as long as she was alive. The construction began in San Jose in 1884 and did not stop for 38 until Sarah died. The house is currently inhabited by the ghosts of her insanity: stairways into the ceiling, doors in the middle of walls, chandeliers and hooks. Even those who never believe in ghosts say that they heard or saw something strange during their visit to the house.
Scotland’s Mary King’s Close
Haunted Town in Edinburgh. – There are several streets with gloomy and hideous past, hidden in the medieval Old Town in Edinburgh. This place, where victims of plague would be left to die in the 17th century, is known for its poltergeists. The tourists visiting the weird location say that something invisible touches their arms and legs. Locals say that it is a ghost of a girl named Annie, whom her parents left there in 1645. A new large building was built in Mary King’s Close a hundred years later. The close was open for tourists in 2003.
 Dracula’s Castle – Bran, Romania
Dracula’s House Romania – Beyond the green swelling hills near Bran in Romania Dracula’s presence is felt on a long, curving road that twists over the Transylvanian Alps. The area is so remote and impenetrable that no major road crossed this often stormy mountain pass until 1974. Dracula created this fortress as a refuge. When the Turkish army surrounded him, he is said to have escaped through a tunnel and disappeared into the mountains. His young son was strapped to the side of his horse but slipped off and was left for dead. His wife didn’t even try to flee. She threw herself to death from a tower window.
The Amityville Horror
Amytiville House in New York – A mass murder on the evening of November 13, 1974 in this Amityville home in Long Island, NY set the stage for this truly scary locale. Family after family moved in, only to flee days or months later because they claimed it to be haunted with ghosts, creepy noises, and even instances of doors slamming, sheets being pulled off in the night, and toys moving around by themselves.
 Beechworth Lunatic Asylum
At Beechworth Lunatic Asylum (later known as Mayday Hills Hospital) in Victoria, Australia, patients checked in but few checked out. Eight signatures were required for a patient’s discharge while only two were needed for admittance. Historians estimate upwards of 3,000 people — some of whom didn’t even need mental help — died captive within its walls. Inside the facility, which opened in 1867, a number of atrocities occurred, ranging from exploited labor and neglect to abuse and inhumane medical treatments/experiments like the Darwin chair (where doctors would tie patients to revolving chairs and spin them so fast, they would bleed from their mouths, eyes, noses and ears). There are frequent ghost sightings, and not just of patients, but of doctors and nurses too.

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