Danish MP proposes Greece hand over Island of Kos as "collateral" for bailout loan

It seems as though stupidity has no limits at all! A Danish far-right MP in the Europarliament actually had the audacity a few days ago to demand that Greece hand over the island of Kos as “collateral” so that his country can approve his country’s participation in the EU bailout package. Specifically Morten Messerschmidt-from the Danish People’s Party MEP said that since Greece can not provide insurance for the loans in form of cash, his country can get its hands on the island of Kos as a mortgage, and when Greece goes bankrupt they can get tourist revenues for the loans.

He also went as far as proposing this to his government.

His message which is wrapped in this bland and tasteless “humor“is insulting to the Greek people. Hellasfrappe is in the opinion that he should give up midnight strolls in downtown Amsterdam… and overindulging in specialties of their “prized cafes”. Too much does indeed stun a person’s brain cells.

Over the past few months Greece and the Greek people have been insulted with statements like this continuously.

Just several weeks ago the Corriere della Sera newspaper reported that Finland apparently wanted the Greek Parthenon and several of our islands so that it can give its “green light” for the new rescue package as well. Knowing how ridiculous that sounded, the Italian newspaper wittingly said that in the event of bankruptcy the Greek Parthenon would be sold and/or transferred to Helsinki.

Germans want our islands, Finland wants the Parthenon, the British want our marbles, the Turks and the Americans want all of our natural gas and oil….

I need to guzzle down at least two bottles of whiskey in order to stomach and keep up with all this absurdity.

As a proud Greek citizen Mr. Morten Messerschmidt… I simply say that this is Sparta… and with my five fingers opened wide I simply say PARTA!!

If we really look into the heart of our troubles, we should test people for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power! These are fundamental ills in our society. 

Until it is cleared whether or not Greece’s deficit was bloated on purpose so that we can sell-out to our rich northern neighbours at a bargain price…. Nothing and NOONE will touch this country, and even then… it will be over our dead bodies! 
Comprende… ksenerote Dane?

Aei Sixtir… mamakovioliko!


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