Violation of Cypriot airspace by Turkish fighter jets

Two Turkish F-16 fighter jets apparently violated Cypriot air space and almost clashed with a Cyprus Airways plane – type CY346 – which was on flight to London while it was gaining altitude after taking off from Larnaca airport. 
An official from Cyprus Airways clarified that the crew of the aircraft gained visual contact with the Turkish fighters, after it had received a notice from air traffic controllers.No injuries or further harassment was reported. 
Press reports said that the Turkish fighters were obviously flying illegally in Cypriot airspace and that authorities at the Civil Aviation service are well aware of this problem. 
Finally a report in the Fileleftheros newspaper said that Turkish air fighters have over the last few days been constantly violating the reserved area LCD3 around the British Base of Akrotiri.
It seems that the provocations have no end.

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