Kotsiras slams government policy in 3 simple words!

Popular singer Giannis Kotsiras wrote on his Facebook status today…  

Good morning to all. 
The government policy is not impotent. 
It is not stupid. 
It is not even sluggish. 
They know very well what they are doing.
They are not fighting for the salvation of our country. 
They are (only) struggling to coverup the agreements and unlawful acts they and their predecessors have done.
They are (simply) fighting for the sellout of our country, (to their) their associates, bankers, contractors and brokers.
In short they are not suffering from national stupidity. 
(They are) simply participating in a national betrayal.
(They should) resign now and power (should be given back) to the Greeks and the citizens.
Again, good morning. “
Translated from an article on olympia
*Editors Note: 
One phrase only: You always speak to our hearts… and always express what we want to say through your stance, through your music and through your performance. 
Thank you for being our “Fylaka Aggelo” and telling it like it is.
You are by far an all-time classic!


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