BREAKING NEWS – Crisis in East Mediterranean escalating, Cyprus moves missiles in position

It looks like Turkey is leading Greece and Cyprus into war. The crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean is escalating as we speak. Just a short while ago the following announcement was broadcasted by Turkish authorities: Areas designated as Turkish territorial waters, but that have been proclaimed as an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) by the Greek Cypriot administration, will hear after begin being patrolled by the Turkish fleet… namely the southern part of Cyprus!

According to a report on proinikordela, the ” Piri Reis” surveyor and the “Chocolate Mehmet Pasa” and “Ontzou” have left the naval port of Marmaris in the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkish officials have warned that they will be in close “view from Paphos’ since they will only be six miles from the Greek Cypriot side!

Parallel to this, the Norwegian surveyor Veritas is to arrive in Anatolia and begin seismic surveys, following by the company with the Turkish Ministry of Energy. According to reports  the company has no reservations about surveys south of Cyprus!

In response to this, Cyprus is apparently moving defence missiles MM-40 Exocet II in designated areas.

Meanwhile a separate report on defencenet just said that at 17.20 the Piri Reis was located between the Greek island of Oinousses and the Turkish coast. It is travelling south at a speed of some 7,8 knots. The photo above proves this, since hellasfrappe snapped it from onalert which is another military news agency.


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