VIDEO REPORT – Kanelli tells it like it is!

An unbelievable incident happened just a couple of hours ago in the Greek Parliament with MP for the Greek Communist Party (KKE) Liana Kanelli. When she rose to the podium to address the ministers she was carrying a shopping bag with a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk! 
Kanelli: 0.60 cents + 2 euros for the milk = 2.60 euros 
That is 78 euros a month 
Or 950 euros a year!
That is 2.60 euros a day for just two items. A family of four, says Kanelli, needs these two items every morning on their table. “Just two items… imagine the rest,” she said.

She was asked by the acting President of Parliament to get rid of the items… and of course she slammed him with yet another priceless comeback line “am I ruining the decor” she asked? 

And then of course her rhetoric speech began about how difficult it is for citizens to make ends meet everyday, when the cost of living remains the same, while wages are being slashed and taxes are skyrocketing. The video is a must watch, as always Kanelli, who is by far one of the most popular MPs in the Greek Parliament -and one of the brightest- tells it like it really is. 

Hellasfrappe might not support the Greek Communist Party, but it surely supports Liana Kanelli because if we had 10 more Kanellis in that Parliament, (as well as ten more Panos Kammenos) trust me… I’d like to see who would even dare to bully us around!

Kanelli is a Greek journalist and politician and lawyer. She studied law at the University of Athens. In 1975, starting her career in journalism, she was acclaimed by Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis. At often times she plays the role of media polemicist, she is noted for her forthright, irreverent, incisive and arrogant style of talking criticised or applauded by either party of the viewers.

She was a publisher and chief editor of the ethnocentric and anti-US monthly Nemesis. In this journal she unveiled a series of private e-mails of Margaret Papandreou in her backdoor efforts to booster her son’s, George Papandreou, bid for premiership over his in-the-party rivals. The issue of privacy has brought to public the debate of ethics in journalism, with Kanelli apparently obtaining the emails through the technique of computer hacking. Mrs Papandreou brought suit on grounds of violation of Article 19 of the Greek Constitution. The origins of this rule, ironically came into being as a consequence of the wiretapping of ministerial private conversations by the Hellenic National Intelligence Service during the Dictatorship years.


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