Only a tiny patrol boat is defending Kastelorizo and EU boarders against possible Turkish attack!

The incredible has happened…. never before in the history of this nation has there ever been such an instance. The government’s response to Ankara’s bullying in Greek territorial waters is a harbor patrol boat from Megisti in Kastelorizo that is used for warding off smugglers! In other words… a harbor patrol boat is the only thing on float which is now protecting European boarders and Greece’s territorial waters! Indeed we have a warship in the area but if readers have been following this blog, they already know that yesterday we specifically mentioned that the warship was ordered to remain in Rhodes. (click here for that story) And all this during a time of crisis when Ankara has moved large forces in the Anatolia harbor which is only a breath away!

Hopefully the government’s objective is that Ankara does not think Greece is trying to add fuel to the fire and for the love of this nation and its people hellasfrappe hopes that it is all part of a larger strategy. But this in no way excuses the present situation, because what sort of messages does an opponent receive when he sees symptoms of fear and distress from his victim (…or the fear that Turkey is seeing from the Greek side)? And even more importantly, how do the residents of Megisti feel about all this? Just imagine… there is a tiny patrol boat stationed between them and countless Turkish forces.

If the unthinkable happens and a serious threat is made against Kastelorizo, said one report on defencenet today, it is only common sense that our navy and/or armed forces will not arrive there on time. In practical terms, even if our army used the fastest boats they had to transport forces from Central Greece and Crete, they would need at least four hours to get there. Staff officers of the Army and Navy are well aware of this, but they have apparently received an explicit command not “to send forces”.

The hydrocarbon reserves located in the Greek Cypriot and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) have gained the focus of global attention but also of Turkey as well since this nation can not “digest” that a country with its magnitude may be excluded from the distribution this wealth, because of some islands belonging to Greece. 


According to a report in today’s Cyprus’ Fileleftheros newspaper, the Norwegian ships dropped cables late yesterday just between Kastelorizo and Cyprus. This proves that Ankara is going to proceed with surveys in Greek and Cypriot waters. In such a case, it will directly violate Greek and Cypriot territorial waters. The fact that Greece has not announced its EEZ, thus joining it with Cyprus’ does not in any way mean that these two areas do not belong to the latter countries. Meanwhile, the said in a report that the Cypriot Government informed NATO units based in the region that not only is it going to increase “on alert” measures, but it is also “considering the possibility calling for mobilization” of all available army personnel! According to selective units have been called to be on alert because there have many reports of warships loading and unloading in the occupied part of the island.  According to the Greek Pentagon, there are two Turkish frigates, 1 corvette, 1 support vessel and 1 submarine in the area already, which are fully operational and are located south of Kastelorizo with orders to sail at any moment!  The news only comes to prove that our Cypriot brothers expect the escalation of Turkish provocations in this area in the coming hours. This is going to be a critical 48 hours.


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