MUST WATCH VIDEO – Do it "Like a Stakis"

From the depths of YouTube hellasfrappe uncovered two incredible videos that are a must watch! These two boys are by far, the stakis-funniest rappers ever known. They are two young Greek singers and Hellasfrappe is guessing that they are ex-patriots from Germany. They have come out with three home-made music videos which were probably written and produced by themselves. The music is terrible, but without a doubt, they have talent!

Notice their stakis-rapper moves… and the way they synchronize their stakis-faces with the music, check out their staki-disco 80’s rap clothes and the fearless stakis-singing style. These videos are a treat. Today hellasfrappe will feature two of them “Like a Stakis”… because when we order our coffee we always order a “staki”!
We are also featuring “Patrida Erxome” because even though the song sucked… they mentioned the word stakis and made it stakis-credible!
Bravo boys… We are fans… and have subscribed to your channel! Keep us smiling!



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