VIDEO REPORT – Austrian MP SLAMS Turkish Ambassador

It is just to listen to an elected official finally addressing the ongoing Islamic infiltration and invasion of non-Islamic countries and territories, in a straightforward manner!

Many of you have probably seen this video on Youtube, but hellasfrappe decided to publish it today, simply because it just caught our attention. There are many truths into what Austrian MP Ewald Stadler says.

He compares the killing Imams and Priests in Austria and Turkey. He shows that the Turks ask Austrian citizens to have an attitude, that in reverse would be punishable by law in Turkey and at the same time exposes the lack of reciprocity that should be self-evident even to Turks and Muslims themselves since it is so much in favor of the Turks and Muslims now.

And NOW is the operative word, as far as I am concerned. 

Indeed there are honest and truth-loving Turkish citizens and certainly not all of this nation’s people are insane Ottomanjugends who dream about bringing ‘’justice and democracy’’ in our world by once again restoring the Ottoman empire. However, they should surface, and get rid of all those that do. And I say this, because at this moment these war mongers are looming near Greek territorial waters waiting for just the right minute to make a move on materializing this insane idea! 
It is a powerful speech. Stadler compressed quite a bit
into a small space. Notice how outraged he gets when the Turkish
ambassadors begins complaining. He is merely channeling a genuine
righteous fury that  many Europeans are feeling. 
cathartic to finally experience someone representing that outrage in the
political field
! Bravo.


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