The crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean has begun!

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According to press reports the Norwegian vessel M / V BERGEN SURVEYOR and three accompanying ships took off from Antalya in Turkey three hours ago. Military officials in Athens are apparently monitoring their every move. (Please read yesterday’s article on this and then return to the page to catch up on the ships activity by clicking here).

The ships are being monitored by a frigate and a Turkish surveillance ship while CN-235-100 planes are said to be flying in the area.

From the Greek side, demarches have been sent to Ankara and Oslo and units of the Hellenic Army have rushed to the area. Greek military units are on stand by as is the Cyprus national guard. All Hellenic air force personnel were called for duty and asked to abandon their schedules (for time off) for at least a week.

Once the ships enter Greek territorial waters they will be greeted by Greek war ships which will ask them to leave
immediately, from then on… anything is possible. 

Military Commanders have sounded a readiness command to all units and have sent out relevant instructions. 

ELPE has said that it will provide the necessary fuel even if they cannot be paid straightaway but they have to first check on their quantities.

The US is going to welcome Israeli fighter jets at the air bases of Araksou and Andravida.

A report on defencenet said that a red alert was sounded late yesterday afternoon after the announcement that seismic research was set to be conducted in Greek territorial waters, or our EEZ. The report also said that the Greek navy will take center stage as it did in October 2008 when renewed reports of systematic Turkish military flights directly over Greek islands like Pharmakonisi and Agathonisi were made, if the Norwegian ship does not leave the area immediately.

Judging by the map that was published exclusively by defencenet just a little while ago, the area which Turkey plans to survey is one third of the area that was announced by Turkey at NAVTEX.

This is the coordinates map

150739 UTC SEP 11

NAVTEX NW NR: 604/11



34 30.85N 029 29.50E
53 53.37N 029 32.53E
36 14.83N 030 15.51E
36 08.47N 030 25.18E
36 75.70N 030 41.20E
36 45.97N 031 18.50E
36 30.55N 032 01.22E
36 04.18N 032 28.78E
35 35.93N 032 41.08E
35 16.00N 032 00.00E
34 23.13N 031 41.83E



NGİLİZCE    15.09.2011
Saat : 00:50   15.10.2011
Saat : 20:50   ANTALYA

If Turkey insists on escalating the tension by beginning surveys in the area of Kastelorizo military officials believe that there will be a serious threat to national security.

If on the other, Turkey backs away (along with the Norwegians) the Greek government (and the military) will have to take measures right away in order to safeguard the area, if they are not taken, underlines the same article in defencenet then a de facto situation will be created that will cause the crossing out of Kastelorizo and the EEZ in this area. If the general strategy benefits Greece, then without a doubt Athens cannot and must not back down, because if it does then it will lose everything.

Forces on dry ground are also said to be on alert and are observing their opponents on the other side. Special Forces are also on stand by with Greek Defence officials, as well as with the navy and have all been called to their posts and are waiting in the wings.

All sectors of the military are surveying the situation and together with their Cyprus compatriots are ready for any challenge.

The situation has troubled Greek and Cyprus military officials. And when defencenet says that our top officials are “very concerned” about the situation as well as are clueless as to how it will unfold… then one cannot help but worry!

O Theos na Valei to Xeri Tou!



12:50 – The BERGEN SURVEYOR was located between Cyprus and the Greek Island of Kastelorizo, just a little off the Anatolia coast.  If you log on to you will get its coordinates since they document all marine traffic all over the world.

12:50 – The BERGEN SURVEYOR was situated at Ν 35ο53’25.08” και Ε 031ο41’44.66” and it was travelling at some 3,8 knots. (It was located north-west of Cyprus and east Greece’s Kastelorizo Island. Its last recorded speed at 10:00 –when the ships set sail- was 11,8 knots.

The Norwegian ship can be spotted in the blue color. The ships in the green colour are simple cargo ships and the red are tankers. A report on which is monitoring the story suggests that the ship is moving south-westerly and it looks like it is heading towards Hellenic territorial waters.

13:00 – The Norwegian ship is presently moving with 4,5 knots and is located south-east of Anatolia. Next to it is the THOR BEAMER tanker carrying the Faroe Islands flag. It was located north-west of Cyprus and east of K
photo by
16.15 The Norwegian ship has presently stopped moving, and has remained in this position, the oil tanker that was traveling next to it has disappeared.

17.20  – The BERGEN SORVEYOR continues to move in the same area, in circles, with a recorded speed of a mere 4 knots. It has yet to move towards Cyprus and/or Kastelorizo. 

18.30 – The BERGEN SORVEYOR continues to move in the same area,  and refuses to change course. It is currently in international waters right out of the gulf of Anatolia and traveling at a  speed of 5 knots .

No other information has been published as of yet… if any developments happen tonight hellasfrappe will post them as soon as it receives them -or rather spots them-.


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