MUST WATCH VIDEO – Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War!

From his Youtube channel snordelhans, who is very popular with many Youtube fans, released an updated version of his video entitled “Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War!”. The information on this video is astounding… and alarming. The writer Gordan Duff is very anti-Israel and takes a look at the situation in the East Med. from “the other angle”. I do not agree with everything he says (or at least do not want to believe it, especially his opinion on the strength of the Turkish army) but after listening to everything that was said on this video and reading the article there are some things that need to be questioned. Indeed snordelhans has a powerful voice and he keeps the listener glued to the screen to stomach the challenging messages that he attempts to get across. This is a must watch/hear video.

The “Unthinkable” is Now Inevitable – By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor – The total destruction of Israel, something used by the Zionist lobby to bilk the US out of billions for years, is no longer a dream, it is inevitable.  The only question is “when?”  With it a limited world war may emerge with some surprises in store.  It all started long ago but we can focus back one year when Israel murdered 9 Turkish citizens in an act of piracy, peace activists on an aid ship heading for Gaza.  Aid ships heading for Gaza now get a military escort from the Turkish Navy and Turkey’s president is heading for Gaza and Egypt now, to slap Israel down. A year ago, Israel and Turkey were best of friends.  Their spy agencies in the US shared nuclear secrets, sold them to China, North Korea, Pakistan, Brazil, worked as partners blackmailing half of Washington’s army of corrupt officials and traitorous military officers.  Patriotism in Washington is rare nowadays, considered stupid.  Washington is all about “globalism” and “no borders,” about corporations, not “America.”  To most in Washington, America is a joke, a bankrupt “has been” nation drowning in debt with a military now useless, spread across the globe running errands for a cabal of international bankers. Read more  


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