The life of a Greek politician in simple mathematics… Oh how I wish I was a politician!

The members of the Greek Parliament are people’s representatives. How did they get so rich?. Can this increasing disparity between representatives’ income profile and the average electorate that they represent be healthy?With a salary of 6,100 euros a month, rent allowance, cars, chauffeurs, bonuses and a list of other benefits it is no wonder why people everywhere want to suddenly become politicians. Oh how I wish I was a politician….

Primary Benefits of Greek MPs 

  • Monthly salary is 6,100 euros.
  • Pension after 4 years of parliamentary service. Amount of pension per month 4,880 euros.
  • To participate in committees, 250 per day (debatable).
  • Members of the provinces receive an additional 1,000 euros a month for rent in Athens.
  • All members receive 1,500 euros for an office
  • They also receive an extra 1,000 euros in bonus for holidays because of increased communication with their constituents.
  • Christmas, Easter and holiday bonus checks are separate and equal to that of their monthly salaries.
  • They are entitled to 104 flights a year and free and unlimited travel on Trains and Buses.
  • They are provided with a luxury car
  • They are also given a fuel allowance of 600 euros per month
  • They are provided with a policeman to guard them
  • They are given 4 hi-tech and top technology mobile phones.
  • And best of all they enjoy complete immunity for any crime committed during their term of office.

But wait… there are also secondary benefits for all Greek MPs as well!

  • They do not pay tax on a portion of salary or pension.
  • They are entitled to a staff of no more than four workers for the political offices. (All this is paid by the Treasury, or in simple terms by the average Greek citizen).
  • They are entitled to interest free loans.
  • They are given access to free gym, sauna and day care services for their children.
  • They are given free entrance to archaeological sites, museums and galleries.
  • And when they are abroad they are given free airfare, hotel and meals!


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