Nobel Energy rig on its way to Cyprus’ area 12

The Noble Homer Ferrington drilling rig slowly began its 100 nautical miles (185 km) route from the drilling point at NOA block of Israel, towards the Cypriot drilling position in block “Aphrodite”(Goddess of Cyprus). After giving the green light, Noble Energy began the moving process by lifting its anchors with the help of newly built Norwegian special support Skandi Saigon. The process of stabilizing the rig using underwater robots will begin immediately so that the planned drilling will begin at the end of the month.

According to Cyprus’ “Phileleftheros” newspaper Noble Energy is well prepared with three different courses of action in the event that Turkey begins to materialize on her threats, and is ready to face any kind of challenge. For now there are no disturbing movements but the situation is closely being monitored, especially the movement of various naval vessels in the region.

Meanwhile, Israel, issued a directive to all ships to distance themselves for at least five kilometres from the area except for the platform’s support ships, Cyprus is expected to do the same in the following few days.


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