Greater Albanian Thong – Wear what facists wear or just be square!

Make way Victoria Secret… Ladies if you thought the must have item of the autumn season was the latest ensemble at Victoria Secret… hellasfrappe is here to inform you that its not!
Move over leather and lace
Ta ta ta ta… We present the “Great Albanian” thong! 
In my quest to find more and more offbeat news, I came across a gem. Taking well advantage of the marketing world, a North American company is now apparently offering strings/thongs with the map of the “Great Albania” printed on them. 
Just imagine, with prices that start from $12.50 CAD  you too can begin your “nationalistic” style and rebel your way all day. 
Come on girls… wear what facists wear… or just be square! 
Not into thongs? That is ok, the same company also offers an array of T-shirts, mugs, bags and other such items for any rebel heart! Click here to make your order right now… from what the site says… they even ship to Greece!

Kounia pou sas kounage!

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