Venizelos meets with (‘new PM of Greece’) Reichenbach

Greece’s Economy and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos on Tuesday had his first meeting with Horst Reichenbach, the head of a special task force set up by the European Commission to help Greece accelerate implementation of Community-financed projects and to speed up absorption of EU funds.
No statements were made after the meeting.
The task force that arrived earlier on Tuesday hope to speed up projects amounting to 7.7 billion euros, while at the same time help the Greek government to increase the rate of asborption of National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) funds and promote reforms. 
The arrival of Reichenbach in Greece
has come under attack by the majority of the news world and some even
went as far as to label him the “new prime minister of Greece” since our government is now obligated to brief him on all our state affairs.
(My feeling about all this… This is Sparta mister… kai me ta daxtyla anoixta sas xereto me tin palami kai leo apla PARTA! – no translation needed)

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