Toronto Greeks playing for FYROM hockey team – SHOCKING but true.

I almost had a heart attack when I uncovered this story. I don’t know if the Toronto Greek community knows this, but apparently some of our compatriots there are apparently playing on the team of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

As everyone knows ice hockey matches in Toronto, Canada, occur frequently between Greeks and FYROM-anians. We have a Greek team there entitled Hellenic Lightening, and the FYROM-anians have a team called MACEDONIAN LIONS. (Check this link for the photos of the team)

If you check the roster of each team you will notice that in the Macedonian Lions team you will notice the names of: Jeff Angelides; Chris Balkos; Mike Georgiou; David  Kiratzis; Tom Kostopoulos. Perhaps someone should inform them that they are Greek! The full list can be found by clicking here

And click here to view the names on the Hellenic Lightening Team, as well as the other teams playing in this league.


It would be nice if someone from the Toronto community can give us an insight on this.

I am sorry for making this personal, but the news is totally appalling to me. I have no hate for the citizens of FYROM, but knowing that their government continues to provoke Greek sentiment by claiming that the star of Vergina is theirs, or that Alexander the Great was a Slav… cannot be ignored. I respect and honor my history for it to be otherwise. 

Shame… on these hockey players in Toronto. It is one thing to advance your career, and I totally agree with that, and understand it, but I would never sacrifice the respect I have for Greece’s history in order to do so… 

Doesn’t filotimo exist anymore?

Marina Spanos


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