Ankara moves war ships to area between Rhodes and Kastelorizo

 A large number of Turkish surface vessels (frigates OHPerry, MEKO 200TN-and ballistic missile Kilic) and 209/1400 Type submarines apparently set sail a few hours ago from the naval port of Marmaris (Aksaz) and are now said to be located between the area of Rhodes and Kastelorizo, where they are said to begin taking part in operating ban and sea exercises using anti-submarine warfare with real ammunition.  
A Greek gunboat is also in the area, a report from defencenet said.

Coincidentally, the area in which Turkey selected to begin its sea exercises is the same area where Turkish oil companies plan to begin drilling for oil in early 2012. 

As we speak, the Greek island of Kastelorizo ha​s strategically been cut-off from Greece as Ankara has coincidentally placed a disproportionately large number of vessels there for what it says are regular exercises.

Certainly Turkey did not decide to move such large forces there by chance (some ten Turkish military carriers)  since Nobel Energy’s Homer Ferrigton will enter Cyprus waters next week in preparation for the drilling into Cyprus EEZ at the end of the month. Military analysts at defencenet are convinced that Ankara is doing this in order to demonstrate that the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean may directly affect Kastelorizo as well.

Hellasfrappe says that if Turkey attempts to cause a provocation near Kastelorizo and/or Greece’s EEZ then the Greek government must declare a casus belli (WAR) in protection of this nation’s sovereign rights. Will Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou do it? It remains to be seen.
Τhe upper map is what according the International Law is in force for
the exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The lower map is what Turkish

Photos from Wikipedia


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