Ellinofreneia strikes again MUST HEAR VIDEO

Here is another Youtube video that is worth watching, or rather hearing. This time the wild and wacky team from Ellinofreneia, a group of comics that work from a major radio network here in Greece, decided to do what they do best, play practical jokes via prank calls. In light to the opening of nation-wide schools yesterday, the comics of Ellinofreneia decided to call the Education Ministry and place a prank call and broadcast it live on the air. As you all know, the schools opened up in Greece this year without being able to supply the country’s 1.3 million students with books, but rather decided to give DVD’s and CDRoms with the textbooks as well as photocopies for schooling. 
As you will hear, the speaker pretends to be a school
teacher by the name of Dimitris Veniereis who works at the Keratsini
Grade School. Notice how calm the lady at the Education Ministry is when Mr. Veniereis tells her that when he received the shipment of the DVD’s, there were several kinky ones by the names of”Oi Kolasmenes Kalogries – Lustful Nuns from Hell” as well as “Mo**ni Kapelo” (I won’t translate this one…), and my favorite “Doctor Pee-outsas” (I won’t translate this one either).
The video is very funny, but is only in Greek. Enjoy!


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