BREAKING NEWS – Emergency meeting at Maximos Mansion now in light of tension in E.Mediterranean (VIDEO)

Prime Minister George Papandreou is presently holding an extraordinary
meeting with Defence Minister Panos Beglitis and Foreign Minister Lambrinidis at
the Maximos Mansion. Press reports in Athens are saying that at
the center of discussions is the escalating tension in the Eastern
Meanwhile, the government of Cyprus said earlier today that it
is going to proceed with the exploration and exploitation of its natural gas
reserves in its EEZ. After holding an inter-ministerial committee on the issue
of natural gas, the President of Cyprus Demetris Christofias sent a message to Ankara in the wake of recent threats, saying that it is
behaving as a “troublemaker in the region” and urged the international
community and the EU to intervene if Turkey materialises on its threats.
In Egypt,
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan received an enthusiastic welcome at the
start of a North African tour which will assert Turkey’s role as a friend and
helper of the popular movements that have toppled long-standing Arab leaders. Boosted
in the eyes of the Arab public by his sparring with Israel,
Erdoğan is scheduled to address the 22-member Arab League and hold talks with
the military council steering post-Mubarak Egypt
to civilian rule amid rising popular anger against Israel.
Erdoğan, who has clashed with
Israeli leaders repeatedly since the Israel
war on Gaza began in December 2008, was met by
Essam Sharaf, the head of an interim cabinet that answers to the military
council, and a rapturous crowd of several thousand, a report in the Turkish
daily Sabah said.
They clapped and cheered as
the two men came from the tarmac at Cairo
airport hand-in-hand to greet them on Monday night. Many appeared to be from
Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, who see Erdoğan as a role model
because of his success in bringing Islamists into mainstream Turkish politics.

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