Chinese version of "OPA Ninanina nai nai" – MUST WATCH MUSIC VIDEO

Indeed, a video is worth a thousand words…. From the depths of YouTube some happy chappy spotted the following video (below) featuring the Chinese version of the famous Greek song “OPA Ninanina nai nai” and since then it has spread like a cancer via the social networks.

This is indeed a first… a belly dancing song in Chinese… totally priceless!

The gypsy band,  Pyramidos, is actually quite popular in China, and its music has many Balkan flavors.

This song “OPA Ninanina nai nai” was released on gramophone records in 1934. Then in 1936 it was banned by the Metaxa government because it had eastern elements to it- just like many other songs were during that time that were reminiscent Turkey. It was once again released in 1955 and has since then been very popular.
This version of the Gipsy Band has many Greek words and phrases that were not translated into Chinese and are sung in GREEK.

Enjoy the song… this is indeed a must watch video!


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