Papandreou determined to implement all measures despite public disapproval

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou on Saturday send a clear message to Greek citizens, to Europeans and to international markets that his government was determined to implement all measures agreed with its European partners and the IMF towards promoting structural reforms and cutting fiscal deficits to ensure the approval of a second support package for Greece and leading country out from its recent deep economic crisis.

In the traditional Prime Minister’s speech to the country’s productive classes in Thessaloniki, on the occasion of the 76th Thessaloniki International Fair, the Greek Premier expressed his confidence that all Greeks believed that the country has all the necessary sources and human resources and has significant prospects for the future, but people needed to find again their interest for their fellow men and to rediscover the importance of collective effort in order to move forward.

The Greek Prime Minister urged Greek citizens to forget -for the moment- the memorandum and any agreement with the country’s creditors and to focus on the need to change everything not only to survive but to build a better country -not because some foreigners say so – “but for our national independence and dignity and for our children”.

Papandreou also expressed his confidence that everyone acknowledged the need for Greece to maintain its European orientation and to remain a member of the euro area. “I am certain that we all believe we will be victorious at the end,” he said.

The Greek Premier, in his speech, reminded that two years ago, Greek citizens sent his PASOK party to power asking his government to liberate the country’s creative forces from any burdens. The people asked for a revolution. The revolution of the self-evident. To make all big changes that will allow the country to exploit its great capabilities. (ANA-MPA) “This is what we do. This is our effort. This is our goal,” he said.

He was clear that the government will take any decisions necessary to save the country from bankruptcy, to remain in the euro and to fully implement decisions taken in an EU Summit in July 21. He urged all Greeks to support the government in its efforts. “Those who bet on Greece leaving the euro will find a unified Greece against them. Those who hope to buy Greece for nothing, the enterprises, the land and its workforce, will find every Greek against them,” Papandreou said, adding that “all those wishing disaster to save themselves, will also find all of us seeking a better future against them”. 


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