BREAKING NEWS: Papandreou to abandon Greece and go to elections on Nov. 13

This last bit of information comes as a tsunami…  Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is planning to dissolve parliament and call for federal elections to be held on November 13, 2011 and no matter the outcome, will immediately leave Greece for a longgggg journey abroad!

The scenario for elections on November 13 smells conspiracy yet those who are close to him say that Papandreou just wants to distance himself from political life as quickly as possible.
Is it because he has already been implicated in the scandalous CDS contract issue? Is it because we only saw half of the Strauss Khan interview and not the full fledged tape? Another thing… has Papandreou been able to travel to the US since Strauss Khan was arrested there for supposedly raping a maid?

Think about it folks…

The Minister of Health Andreas Loverdos already is aware of Papandreou’s plans… as noted in kourdisto portokali and is (rightly) thinking about what will happen the following day, meaning that he probably spilled the beans on him.
This new twist in the misery that this country is already suffering from, the economic and political uncertainty it faces at a time when the Eastern Mediterranean is ready to go ablaze reveals one thing and one thing only that all hell is going to brake loose in the coming months in this part of the world… and Papandreou just wants to flee for safety.
Bravo Papandreou, you did everything you were told to do… You destroyed our country!
Imagine what “they” have in store for this poor nation…
Molon Lave….
Bring them on!



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