Turkey has many aces up its sleeves… Erdogan reveals plan "C"

Things are indeed heating up in this part of the globe. Speaking to the press Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan revealed important details in regards to sanctions issued against Israel. Characterizing Israel as a ‘spoiled boy’, Erdoğan stated that if the sanctions released by Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu were considered to be ‘Plan B’ then there is always ‘Plan C’. 
 An article in today’s Sabah newspaper cited the following message by Erdoğan:
‘If the steps taken now are considered as a ‘Plan B’ then this may be a ‘Plan C’. There may be the possibility of taking different steps according to the same manner of developments. Israel, in order to further its own political agenda in the region, has lost Turkey’s partnership. Therefore up until now, Israel, in light of U.N.’s rulings in regards to Israel, has always taken on the role of a spoiled boy in the world and is of the notion that this role will continue. As Turkey, we have already previously expressed that we perceive this event which transpired in international waters was inhumane, savagery and state terror.
The report released is actually not a report responding to Israel’s expectations. The ruling made by the United Nations Security Council was extremely clear and translucent. In fact, the report released from our perspective has no value.
The Eastern Mediterranean is not an unfamiliar location for us. Aksaz, İskenderun, these are places where we have the right to and are capable of patrolling. Certainly, from here on out our ships will more frequently display their presence in these waters.”

Erdoğan went on to deliver the following messages following the 3rd Spain-Turkey summit where he was joined by Spain’s Prime Minister Zapatero.

‘We have taken the first step. This of course is not a final step. One of these measures was to downgrade diplomatic ties to the second-secretary level. In the same manner, we have warned all of Israel’s diplomatic members in regards to the level downgrade. The second step was suspending all military ties, especially defense industry commercial relations.
There is a third step. Turkey will take all precautionary measures to protect the right to free movement in international waters. A fourth measure is to provide legal support in an internation platform for all of the victims and their families. A further measure, which we aren’t counting is that Turkey does not recognize the Gaza blockade. We will also take the same steps to insure that the blockade is investigated by the international court of justice. Afterwards there will be other plans put into effect.
(In reference to Prime Minister Netanyahu) We have already requested they solve three significant matters. We said, you must apologize to Turkey. We said you should pay two forms of compensation. Third, we requested the blockade on Gaza be lifted. Of course, we also said that as long as these requests remain unfulfilled, it will be impossible for relations to normalize.

Erdoğan also responded to criticism of the NATO radar shield being set up in Turkey. “This issue is the matter of a radar base being established in Turkey and is a process being conducted within the NATO framework. This is all just simple lobbying.”
During a joint press conference; Spanish Prime Minister Rodrigues Zapatero criticized Israel and offered support to Turkey. Zapatero stated, “We experienced what transpired on the Gaza aid flotilla together. Turkey requests repairs and wants compensation. A point of agreement needs to be reached between Turkey and Israel. We are talking about lives lost. There needs to be an answer. There must be answer provided by the international community. We have lived through and still experience the results that transpire later.”
Source: Sabah

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