ND takes lead over PASOK in new VPRC poll

A new public opinion poll by VPRC and published in today’s EPIKAIRA magazine shows that the main opposition New Democracy party of Antonis Samaras has taken a good lead over PASOK. Also, the levels of strength of the Communist Party (KKE), the Coalition of the Left and Progress (SYRIZA) and the LAOS party of G. Karatzaferis have not changed, while the Ecologist Party (Green Party), followed by the Democratic Left Party and the Democratic Alliance Party of Dora Bakoyannis appear too weak and it is speculated that they will not be able to enter Parliament.
A multi-party parliament is likely to surface if elections were held
next Sunday! In such a scenario, six parties would acquire parliamentary
representation, while the chances of the Democratic
Left Party as the seventh parliamentary party are also high, but then again elections are not going to be held next Sunday, so this scenario cannot be taken into account.
When asked which type of government would be best for the
country at this point, some 4 percent said the ruling Pasok party, 4
percent answered that the main opposition New Democracy Party would be
best, 15 percent noted that a coalition between the two main parties
would be better, 11 percent said a coalition of left-leaning parties and
a whopping 44 percent of those asked said that none of the choices were
On the subject of the economy, apparently nine out of ten Greek citizens are dissatisfied with the way the PASOK government of Prime Minister George Papandreou has handled the country’s economic, or a total of 91 percent of those polled said they were dissatisfied with the way the socialist government has managed the country’s economic crisis, while 82 percent said Greece was headed in the wrong direction. 
In fact, the article noted that three-quarters of those asked, or roughly 71 percent, said they were dissatisfied with the policies put forward by Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos, who replaced George Papaconstantinou in a June 17 cabinet shuffle. 

On the topic of social unrest, almost 83 percent of people expect mass demonstrations against austerity measures in the next few months while 78 percent said their personal financial situation has become worse during the past year.

The poll was conducted by VPRC for EPIKAIRA magazine. A total of 1,003 people were surveyed from Aug. 31 to Sept. 5 and the poll has a margin of error of 3.16 percent.

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