GAMEOVER for Greece in the next 100 days!

In the next 100 days everything we know of this country will change dramatically. It’s basically “GAMEOVER” and these changes will indeed be painful for all citizens. The news… which is not really news at all, is that Greece is already bankrupt .According to a report on defencenet, foreign banks are not accepting guarantee letters from Greek banks, not even those of the National Bank of Greece! This apparently started last July when Greece began experiencing a “limited bankruptcy”, but of course this was not announced to the people…. Indeed, we have reached the end of the rope and it is GAMEOVER for this country!

Greece might be obligated to exit the Eurozone (so the ECB can stop guarantees on Greek bonds). No one is officially discussing this just like they refuse to discuss Greece’s recourse to the International Monetary Fund, the redundancies in the public sector, the subject of bankruptcy, even if it is a limited one…. etc.   It is almost like these subjects are too taboo to even whisper.

“Greece’s exit from the Eurozone cannot be ruled out,” said Horst Seehofer, Prime Minister of Bavaria and head of the Christian Social Union, (one of three parties involved that are part of the formation of the present German government.

Another tragedy is the fact that they are telling us that we have gone bankrupt because Greece did not apply the objectives of the Mid-Term Memorandum, but no one even dares to analyze if measures of these sort can actually be put into practise on a population that is already suffering greatly from tough austerity measures.

If the government is too accustomed to lying to the people of this nation, or if they have made “hiding the truth” from us a sport… then why hasn’t the mainstream media come out with the truth? This incredible “conspiracy of silence” from the media, this deception and/or concealment of the truth is harmful to us as a society. The mainstream media continues to hide the truth from us by falsifying facts. And they insist to ignore the fact that by continuing to do so, they are also responsible for the present situation because practises such as these have led us to where we are today!

Greece will experience a “credit event” by the end of the present year, i.e. the total bankruptcy of the country is exceedingly more likely to happen by then.

The worst scenario is not what will happen when this occurs domestically, because in any such situation only panic, chaos and lots of suffering will occur… the worst scenario is that Greece does not have the right form of leadership or the “Captain” to lead it to a safe harbour when this does indeed happen. The present government is being led (and directed) by foreigners who only want our sovereignty (and national wealth), while the economic elites of Greece are taking advantage of the situation claiming that the solution to all our debt problems is to lay off thousands of state workers.

In fact, over one million unemployed people in Greece, now say that they are content in knowing that tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of public sector workers will join the unemployment lines with them.

They are creating a civil war between state and private sector workers, and with the employed and the unemployed.

Minister of Economy and Finance Evangelos Venzielos said on Monday that “deficits did not increase, unemployment benefits increased and the needs to strengthen Social Security earnings on account of redundancies. And one has to wonder… why couldn’t ONE at least ONE journalist or ONE political party ask him who is responsible for this situation and why are there one million unemployed persons in the private sector? Complete and utter silence…. No one cares about the private sector, everything revolves around the state sector and party members… the private sector which is the backbone of this country is totally ignored and this accounts for three quarters of the population!  What is sad is that these two entities will clash… Instead of black and white, it will become state worker against private sector worker… or in other words, those that have bread to eat and those that don’t.

Turning to politics, the present scene will be totally demolished… or so the article says. It notes that it is not just the ruling PASOK party that will totally be dismantled but that the tremors will also be felt strongly and/or experienced by other parties as well and by any party that plans to “participate” in the next government (coalition government) that will surface following the federal elections (which are also expected to occur by the end of the year).

No one knows what will happen when the life support system of this country gets its plug pulled out, and our leaders have yet to realize that the biggest threat to this country is to place it in a venerable position so that foreigners can come in and take full advantage of the situation (for instance Turkey can claim half of the Aegean to be her own….), loss of land, possession of land, etc…

Any other country in the world would have stopped cutbacks in military spending after the recent threatening statements by Turkish officials… but our government continues with this suicidal policy of reducing defence spending and one really has to wonder… in a time when only the army can protect this country’s interests why the hell are they reducing spending there and not in other sectors that do not have the same importance?  I mean… the Hellenic Petroleum Organisation (ELPE) has refused to supply the Greek Armed Forces with fuel!!! How are they supposed to operate their weaponry?

Finally, the article says the incredible… “Perhaps some politicians should be told that charges of High Treason can still be practised in the Greek court system.”

Article in Greek:


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