Chief of Turkish General Staff arrested

Lieutenant General Ismail HakkI Pekin, the head of Turkey’s military intelligence is the latest high-ranking official to be arrested on charges of attempting to bring down the Turkish government, a video report on presstv said on Tuesday. Tagged the internet propaganda case, public prosecutors are heading an investigation into an alleged document prepared in 2009 by the general-staff that ordered the creationg of 42 Internet sites to distribute propaganda against the ruling AK Party government, the same report added.

The trial which began in July, say observers, is an important step to uncovering the extent of Turkey’s military interference in politics. Ahmet Insel, Galatasaray University: Some websites were meant to cause problems with Armenia and Greece, which is extremely important but we’re not really talking about this, rather people are noting the sites that aimed to weaken AK Party with information on Sharia. This case was opened against those in the military directing black propaganda aimed at weakening the government, which is clearly a crime.

Lieutenant General Pekin has denied the charges, and said he put his initials on the document for coordination purposes, after seeing the signatures of other officers.

Follow the link to view Video Report  presstv

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