Copper Bandits ransack Larissa.

These are indeed difficult times for all citizens across Greece, so much so that many robberies have been reported lately. You hear of laptops being stolen, ipods, mobiles, TV’s, cars… but what about a “kolimbythra”? In my quest to expand my Off beat news category, I had the fortune of uncovering one such story today. According to local reports, a priest said that as he began to prepare for a baptism at the weekend, he discovered that the holy submersion basin, otherwise know as the “kolimbythra” was missing!

Obviously without the proper tools, the priest was unable to perform the ritual and the poor little baby never received his or her name (this was not mentioned in the reports – check article ref at bottom).

When the police officials finished with their investigation they discovered that the case had the mark of the “Copper Bandits”. Apparently these outlaws steal anything that is made out of copper – so why not a Holy Basin? I hear they go for some 1,200 on the market nowadays! These bad boys have stripped Larissa of all its copper, favoring mostly sewer lids, bridge parts, power utility lines and even cables from the Hellenic Railways Organisation.

This got me thinking… do they have a tip from a stock broker on Wall Street that the price of copper will increase? After all copper has risen and surpassed the $8,500 per tonne mark.

Maybe I should start reading the financial dailies instead… or better yet, maybe I should think about investing in copper!



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