Young parliamentarian lets her leaders have it! MUST WATCH VIDEO

The 16th Youth Parliament wrapped up its session on Monday with a vote
on five draft laws processed by special committees over the weekend
focusing on measures against violence in sports, granting Greek
nationality to foreigners, speedy development of Renewable Energy
Sources (RES), gender equality, drug addiction and rehabilitation. The annual Youth Parliament event is attended by tens of secondary
education students from Greece, Cyprus and Greek communities abroad who
act as “teenage MPs”. 

Watch what the young lady says in the video below….  While she gets set to begin a new school year, where most of the students in Greece will be given photocopies and CDs of their workbooks because the Education Ministry was late in printing the new books for the school year, she takes the opportunity to slam parliamentarians because they participated in this annual youth plenary session with their expensive ipads.

Kotiva Maria, a young teenage member notes that the economic policies that have been adopted up to now have failed, resulting in the derailment of the economy and especially the sector of education

We did not all eat everything together, because we are receiving photocopies and CDs to learn from… and you all have ipads…”, says Maria.
This young  lady is right… we did not all “eat everything together” Mr. (vice-premier) Theodore Pangalos (who had said this line in parliament some time ago in order to make all Greek people feel responsible for the present economic situation)…. because the lines between rich and poor in this country are astronomical. Others are eating cake… while other people are searching in litter boxes for a piece of bread. So obviously Mr. Pangalos…. we did not eat everything together and are not equally responsible…. or else you would have stepped down from your parliamentary seat and handed your ipad to the young lady!
Simple words… strong meaning.
I salute this young girl… for being brave enough to say this in the Greek parliament. 
In Greece we say “apo mikro kai methismeno akous kamia aleitheia” – meaning truths are usually heard by youths and/or drunks…. obviously she is to young to drink… so you draw your own conclusions.


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