Wikileaks: Karamanlis moves towards Russia feed negative views about Greece in Washington

In this new Wikileaks cable which was released late last night, US Ambassador Speckhard informs Ambassador SCHULTE, who is scheduled to visit Athens that year, July 27, 2008, on Greek foreign issues including the issue of Skopje, and Cyprus as well as gives a small insight on Greece’s energy development. 
What got my attention was the comments on former Greek prime minister Costas Karamanlis’ decisions to move with his plans in developing Greece into an energy hub and from what it looks like the US was not at all pleased with Karamanlis’ decision to lean towards Russia. This last cable only comes to confirm what hellasfrappe has been saying all along that Karamanlis was toppled because he got caught in a US-Russia energy game. (click here for that story, or continue reading)

Here is a small sample of the cable, click on the link provided link iu order to read the whole cable. Note to readers of Wikileaks cables, they sometimes contain code, I have not removed the code, and left the cable as is.

 “We are concerned to strengthen the Moscow leg of a Greek &three-legged stool8 (EU-U.S.-Russia) may draw Greece into a relationship with Russia that it is ill-equipped to manage.  Indeed, we may already be seeing evidence of Greece moving closer to Russia at the OSCE. Karamanlis, moves toward Moscow are also feeding negative views about Greece in Washington.  At the same time, the Embassy’s ability to affect the Greek position is lessened by several factors, including the fact that Karamanlis appears to make policy toward Russia largely on his own with little consultation with the MFA, MOD, or other ministries or experts over whom we could exert influence, and the PM’s apparent tendency to view improving relations with Russia and boosting Greece’s role as an energy hub as legacy.

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