X-Files – Its raining UFOs – with MUST WATCH VIDEOS

UFOs have indeed fascinated the world for decades, but so far they were
always branded as hoax from scientists and aviation experts.  But people continue to report sightings and lately the reports have increased. Follow the X-Files today, as it features real news stories about unidentified flying objects that have been occurred in less than a week!

Mass UFO Sightings 2011

 Following the statements by Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman on CNN in mid August who actually said that an alien invasion would see the economy sorted in 18 months,
even if they had to come out and admit there was no threat after that
time (click here for relevant story), its been raining UFOs all over the world. Real or fake, no one knows, but one has to really now wonder… is this their formula for getting the economy, as Krugman said back on track, or is it
dust in our eyes so that we as a people can accept a possible alien invasion? You be the judge. (Note to all readers, I have tried to connect the relevant news stories with the videos that were broadcasted by the main stream media, this was not possible with the last article, so I improvised with another video of similar importance.)

Was there an actual sighting over China? nvonews.com  

According to news reports, it is raining UFOs these days. From Moscow to Shanghai and New York, UFOs are being spotted with increased frequency. And if a report is to be believed there is around sixty five percent spurt in UFO spotting in the last couple of years. UFO China held up flights for more than half an hour. This is among the latest UFO sightings incidents. A report published on the nvonews.com several hours ago says that UFOs have been spotted in Jerusalem, New York, and Texas besides London during the last few months. Besides a research team from Sweden had found the remains of a UFO in the depth of the Baltic Sea. But notwithstanding the findings, there remains a level of skepticism on the authenticity of UFO sightings. A Huffington Post report says that there is an effort on the part of the government and its agencies to project such sightings and other developments related to UFOs as mere hoax and imaginative. 
Meanwhile the most recent incident of the UFO sighting has been reported from China where an airport suspended flights for close to fifty minutes as a UFO was hovering over the airport. A report by Fox News says that in CHONGQING, China aircraft were diverted away from a major Chinese airport Jiangbei International Airport  when a UFO was found to be very close to the airport. The report suggests that all the incoming and outgoing flights from the airport, a major air hub in China, were suspended till the UFO decided to leave the place voluntarily. This is not the first time in China when flights have been stopped at airport due to UFO scare. Last year too in a similar incident at Xiaoshan airport flights had to be diverted to other nearby airports when  a UFO remained in the sky for more than half an hour.
UFO sighting in Texas August 23, 2011 – examiner.com

In another report on examiner.com an Indiana witness near Mount Carmel reports a triangle UFO with red blinking lights at the center and front, white lights at the three points, and a “left to right” strobing panel of lights at the back, according to August 30, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The object’s lighting was familiar as this was a second triangle UFO sighting for the witness. “Another familiar part of this sighting was that it had no sound whatsoever, even at its closest distance and as it was moving away from me (if it was a jet, it should’ve had a roar from its jet engines),” the witness stated. “I went around behind our shed (south of the house) and watched it begin to bank slightly to the left, but did not change direction for some reason.” The witness provided a sketch of the object. No images or videos were included with the MUFON report, which was filed on August 30, 

UFO Fleet over Kansas City? – August 24, 2011 weeklyworld news.com

A report on the weeklyworldnews.com website quoted the United Nations UFO Panel as saying to the WNN this past week that more people reported UFOs in 2011 than in the last five years combined. “Over the past year, we’ve been averaging 1,071 sighting reports a month, compared to about 300 three years ago,”  UN-UFO director, Dr. David Schumacher said. “And I get about ten production companies contacting me every week, wanting to do stories on about UFO sightings.” There was another Reetan sighting  last week over Argentina.  A  commercial flight was over the Andes after dark – cabin lights were on and everybody on one side of the airplane was looking out at a lighted object that was approaching them at their altitude,” said Sebastian Wilton, a former research scientist from the NASA Ames Research Center. “The closer it got, the dimmer the cabin lights became.  Clearly, it was being controlled by the Reetans,” said Wilton.

Strange UFO sightings over Ukraine (Kiev region) august 2011 –examiner.com

A strange UFO sighting took place in the skies over the Kiev (Kyiv) oblast (region) of Ukraine on August 27, 2011 according to the examiner.com site.  An observer was able to record the dark night sky while no fewer than 11 unidentified flying objects flickered and twinkled high above the ground. The video of the event lasts just two minutes and 23 seconds.  The amount of time that the UFOs are visible is significantly shorter than that, but it’s still long enough to leave the viewer with the impression that this was no ordinary evening. The video at the left side of the page is from dutees1’s YouTube Channel. Although this recent sighting in Ukraine has not aroused the same excitement and attention as another recent UFO spotted in the bright blue sky over Spain that was shaped like a scorpion, it is nonetheless just as exciting in its own way.
London 2011 – telegraph
In the telegraph two days ago it was reported that a 23-year-old man, who has a history of mental illness, fired two pistol shots through his apartment window before opening fire from the window at what he imagined to be were alien invaders. According to the Dale-Demokraten newspaper, the gunman said one shot hit a UFO, causing it to explode. A woman who was in the apartment at the time of shooting in the central Swedish town of Hedemora called the police. Despite the presence of armed officers it took the police several hours to convince the Swede that aliens had not earmarked him for abduction and that he was safe. The shooter, who has not been named, was later charged with illegal possession of a firearm and threatening a police officer.
 Norway August 2011 – getwokingham

A report on the getwokingham site said that an amateur snapper was taking pictures of cloud formations outside his home in Sirius Close on the evening of Sunday, August 21. However, it was not until the man – who only wants to be known by his first name Darren – was processing his pictures that he came across the abnormality. The 30-year-old, who works in IT, told The Wokingham Times how he passed on the images to friends with interests in astronomy, but they were also unable to work out what the Unidentified Flying Object was. He said: “At first I didn’t notice anything and I was out taking pictures of cloud formations because it was a nice evening. “It wasn’t until I was going through the images when I noticed this odd thing within one of my images and thought, ‘What is that?’ I blew it up a  couple of times, but I still could not really work out what it was. I sent it to a couple of astronomy friends I have on Twitter.They were like ‘we really think you have got something here’ because they could not work out what it was. It is bizarre.” It is not the first time people have seen strange objects in the skies above the borough. While some have turned out to be mere novelties such as Chinese lanterns, others remain a mystery. 


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