The other side of Greece: Does a Souvlaki Village exist in Greece?

Everyone knows that Greece is famous around the world for its scrumptious souvlaki, but did you know that there is actually a souvlaki village in Greece as well?  I guess Aghios Prodromos in the region of Chalkidiki can probably claim this title since its souvlaki is recognized globally as serving the the most delectable souvlaki in the world. The souvlaki is so good here that it has won a distinction from the New Zealand government!
Apparently Aghios Prodromos boasts the best souvlaki on skewers in the world. The recipe is passed down from generation to generation and they have gained such a reputation that tourists flock to this area in northern Greece to sample this treat for themselves. 
The village is located at the foothills of Mount Cholomontas and its 14 klm away from the town of Polygyros. The population amounts to 500 residents and half of these locals work for the souvlaki industry (directly and indirectly).
It is worth mentioning that the village residents come from different places of Greece such as Sterea Ellada, Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace. Most residents are active in agriculture, cattle-breading, tourism and very few are involved in Municipal services. The products they produce are cereals, meat, traditional bread and of course souvlaki on skewers!
The village’s sights include the river that crosses the village which is surrounded by wild vegetation. There is also the beautiful square which is skirted by almost 20 taverns! Obviously the main item on the menu is souvlaki but it is all embraced by a Byzantine setting that includes the church of Aghios Prodromos, (one of the most prominent in all of Chalkidiki).

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