Wikileaks exposes Bakoyannis and PASOK positions on Skopje issue

Wikileaks released yet another cable yesterday about US Ambassador Daniel Speckhard dated 02/20/2008 (a few weeks before former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis vetoed FYROM’s accession to NATO in Bucharest), which notifies the US on the positions of Dora Bakoyannis (which in the cable are desribed by her to be “unusually positive” for Skopje),

The cable, which was featured on also features the positions of PASOK MP P. Beglitis, whom they have spelled Baglitis, who says that “PASOK called on the Karamanlis government to veto in NATO (!) if no solution is found to the name issue of FYROM (” Greece should veto any NATO invitation for FYROM if no agreeable solution is found “), confirming what has been saying for years now that the US is 100% responsible for the impasse on talks between Greece and FYROM. The blog says that the US is solely responsible for creating the problem between our two countries and not the Skopjans per say (although hellasfrappe disagrees with this last point… since the Skopjans have made many provocative moves against Greece over the last decade.). 

*NOTE TO ALL READERS – The cable is in its original form and if you see the word “Macedonia” instead of FYROM it is not the fault of hellasfrappe, since we did not edit the cable, but rather just featured it.

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