SPECIAL REPORT – Nordic nations were offering Greece a 250bln bailout prior to the memorandum for oil exploration rights

A coalition of seven Nordic nations apparently offered the Greek government a bailout of some 250 billion Euros, with a depth of five year instalments, in exchange of being awarded exploration and exploitation rights of oil and natural gas, before it signed the memorandum of shame with the Troika (IMF, European Central Bank, EU). 

The proposal to the Greek government was reportedly made from the Scandec Org, a commercial – economic – political union of seven Nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Scandec Org apparently offered free research, mining and marketing of deposits at a rate of 80% to 20% (20% for Greece, and 80% to the international organization). 

It also pledged that 90% of all industrial activity would only be conducted by Greek workers (in other words more jobs for Greeks) and any construction works that involved mineral wealth would also be only constructed in Greece by Greeks… in other words more jobs.

But wouldn’t you know it… the government of George Papandreou never replied to this incredible offer. Shortly after this, the Nordic companies received word that a consortium of US and Israel companies were given first priority… 

In June 2010 the French Institute of Geophysical Research international published an incredible study, which covers the amount of deposits of natural gas found near the island of Gavdos (southern Crete). The survey was conducted in collaboration with the University of Crete.
This study indicated that there are rich reservoirs of pure methane, at a level of 99% found in the area, which do not even need treatment, while it stressed that the methane gas is so profound that it flows freely into the sea. So much so, and has done so for so many years, that it can be seen with the naked eye! 

One month later, or in July 2010, the French Institute asked the Greek government to grant them permission to expand their research in the southern Peloponnese this time for possible natural gas deposits, but to no avail. 

Again, the Greek government was negative and rather chose to put the three regions of interest (the Apouleia Basin, the Basin Herodotus and the Sirte Basin) in “grey zones”. 

This move allowed Turkey and Libya to enter the game, for reasons which are unknown, with their own demands.

The aftermath and shocking revelation of all of this is that the Turks, the Libyans, and the Israelis are presently stealing natural gas from Greece, from the Bowls Apouleias, Herodotus and Sirte areas. 

In yet another report from the Norwegian Society of TGF-MoR this time, which conducted seismic surveys in the area in its search for natural gas deposits, the natural gas of Crete is estimated atsome 6 billion barrels. This is three times the amount found in Alaska and almost half of the amount produced in Siberia!!!!!

Scanning the Ionian, and after conducting the necessary research the Norwegian Society concluded that almost 900,000 barrels of natural gas can be pumped from the region of Cephalonia annually, 1,200,000 barrels from Katakolo, approximately 800,000 barrels from Zakynthos and about 2,500,000 barrels can be produced annually from the area of Othonous. 

These startling revelations were known by European banks and US oil companies all along. (It is no wonder thereafter why this whole debt crisis is a scam.)

(Under the right leadership) Greece could be one of the richest countries in Europe just from its mineral wealth.

Dr. Evangelia E. Golias
Chemical, Agronomist
MSc in Quality Assurance
Ph.D. in Soil Pollution
University of Thessaly

Original article in Greek can be found here


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