Anastasiadis: Its time to call out to Putin for help

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Greek journalist Themos Anastasiadis, owner of Proto Thema newspaper and TV host of “Ola” (a weekly humour show), published a shocking article at the weekend in his newspaper about why it is important for Greece to maintain, and/or build strong ties with Russia during this difficult time for our country. He more or less said that Greece needs a (Russian) President such as Putin so that international financial bankers can be put in their place… or as he put it “behind bars”. Obviously the article could not go unnoticed by yours truly, even though Mr. Anastasiadis is not one of my favourite people. In fact, I never respected his journalism and still am angry at him in the way he bashed the former prime minister of Greece, Costas Karamanlis, and his government. Nonetheless… I think he spoke for all of us. Let us hope that many other journalists, with his clout, will follow.

The following is a translation of the article:

 “No one is blaming or pointing fingers at anyone, we all know how difficult things are, (in Greece right now for everyone). We just want to know ‘where they are taking us’, because from what it seems, the only hope to escape this domestic bankruptcy (that our country is suffering from) is from a (total) international market collapse. We see that the US is trying to get away with…. I really shouldn’t say it… No I will… Five US groups are conducting these so called credit ratings. Americans who attempted to bankrupt the US in 2008, but remain uninterrupted in their work and uncontrollable. Something very strange is occurring, that is way beyond us, and that allows these American banking institutions to bluntly tell the American president, in his face, that  “we can downgrade your credit rating again” and (instead of reacting) the US President just gives a speech to deaf ears!

It’s time to say … WHERE ARE YOU (Russian President Vladimir) PUTIN? If we could get him for a month, all these super fund and investment banker-pimp CEO punks would be sent to Guantanamo and become guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies that they themselves created profitable bubbles for.

 (French President Nicola) Sarkozy and (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel should invite Vladimir (Putin) at their meeting on Tuesday so that he could advise them how to deal with these trillionaire scoundrels. Anyone who doubted Putin found himself in the depths of Siberia, such as the (billionaire oil tycoon Mikhail Borisovich) Khodorkovsky who went against the president of Russia, and now knits uniforms for prisons. And whenever he makes an appeal for early release for good behaviour, he gets slapped with another ten years because of his illiteracy.

Indeed, a Putin is needed to save the WEST. The economy is too important to be left in the hands of speculator politicians who have proved (to be) unworthy of the circumstances (at hand). I care not for the Senate, the Parliament, the Congress and the European Commission, since they cannot see beyond their “snotty” noses. I do not care if they were democratically elected, or if they are forever debating the issue with … (so-called) transparency. Until then, from this (so called) transparency (debate), Greece will fall into obscurity.

We need strong international leadership, here and now. So that we can grab the bull by the horns and whisper some Putin (style) words to them (such as “come here, you cuckolds, that call yourselves “markets”, cut the cr…p, the spreads, the Bond futures and on, because as of tomorrow even your the VICTORIA SECRET underwear of Mr. Soros’s mistress will be seized. Everything you have (will disappear).” (To get a better understanding of how they are robbing us, even our FYROM pro-speculator Soros has two mistresses that are in their twenties. Each of these young women cost us around 10 billion so that they can play with him).

If you had (a leader) like Putin, all every Soros in this world would be behind bars and would be released only when they could prove, without a doubt, that they were not involved in profiteering  ploys. And if this is ever proven… you can write me. Everything is a scam. Markets do not exist… Nothing exists, only uncontrolled international crooks exist. The concept of the word “market” was invented by them and instead of doing away with them “spoiled” political leaders in the West are just sitting and staring at them (and doing nothing). Those who govern the world economy today and have the audacity to publicly and legally gamble against whether or not the US will or will not go bankrupt, or on the collapse of the euro, are a thousand times worse than any “Beo” or any “Psomiades” … (the latter $$ men of which have been accused in Greece of being involved in fixed soccer matches).

And we should really apologize that we mentioned the latter two men, and/or offended them for they do not compare with these international mega-crooks.

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Proto Thema newspaper dated August 15, 2011
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