Business Proposal to Mr George Soros and Mr Warren Buffet

Dear gentlemen,
The business case
According to official data, the debts of Germany to Greece amount on:
  • a. 7.1 billion U.S. dollars market value 1938 ( awarded to Greece at the International Conference of Paris 1946) for the destruction of basic infrastructure.According to an official document of the Central Bank of Greece (one month ago) the amount currently estimated at 108.43 billion!WITHOUT THE INTEREST. With the minimum rate of 3% the amount rises up to/ or is in excess of EUR 1 billion!)
  • b. 3.5 billion (purchase value of 1938 for the Mandatory Occupation Loan (this amount is currently estimated at 50 billion!WITHOUT THE INTEREST RATE. The Occupation Loan caused inflationary money value witch contributed significantly to hunger and hundreds of thousands of deaths from German Occupation Tropps (this is not a coincidence that the slogan was heard recently: THE BERLIN OWES TO ATHENS, THE OCCUPATION LOAN IS PAID WITH HYNGER )
  • c. Compensation for victims of the 89 Holocaust (56,225 dead). Illustration, the Court’s decision in Livadia in 1997 adjudged to the victims of Distomo (which sealed the final resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court in 2000), 35 million drachmas per executed. “
  • c.1. The executed victims of Distomoreached the number of 228, including 117 women, 111 men, which among them were53 children under 16 yo. The testimony of the envoy of the Swiss International Red Cross,George Wehrly, who arrived at Distomo a few days after the event, for 600 deaths in the region and indicated that the “executed were everywhere, even hangingon trees”
The Proposal
German Dedt to be Collelcted in favor of Greek Citizens , EURO 1 Trillion.
Consider an irrevocable assignment of Germany’s debt to Greece for the above mentioned War Crimes during WWII to you with a fixed fee of
  • – 15% calculated on the value of 80% of the debt collected
  • – 20% calculated on the value of 90% of the debt collected
  • – 25% calculated on the value of 100% of the debt collected
..irrevocably with no liens to the Greek State to a designated Account controlled by the Greek Citizens as a whole.
Your Fees will be signed under an Irrevocable Working Agreement with the Greek Citizens paid in full the same day debt collected is wired to the Citizens’ Account.
In case you decide to co operate with the Greek Citizens in collecting the outstanding German debt, your only obligations are
  • 1. You will cover all the expenses
  • 2. You will deliver a Personal and a Corporate Guarantee to an amount equal to 60% of the debt to be collected.
  • 3. You will have to work closely with a Greek Citizens Committee of 5 persons.
  • 4. You will have to sing a Non Disclosure Agreement with Penalty Clause for breaching, to an amount of USD 10 billion
Your expertise, global influence and deep knowledge of the Financial Markets is vital and greatly appreciated.
As an extra incentive, for any debt amount exceeding EURO 500 billion, collected, and after your Fees’ payments, we irrevocably assign the 50% to a mutual Collateralised Facility ( hard asset backed, Bonds ect… ).
Furthermore, and in case you accept the initial proposal, in less than 10 days, we will discuss the Securitisation of the Future Income from ALL Natural Resources, metals,minerals, Natural Gaz ect and Tourism in Greece.
Details will follow shortly after we receive your Binding Letter of Intent to proceed as proposed.
Thank you in advance for your attention, and we look forward to a successful co operation.
Kind regards
A Greek Citizen

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