Fthiotida mayor and former actor, Apostolos Gletsos, threatened at gunpoint

Police in Fthiotida on Thursday launched a manhunt for a gang of four men that Stylida mayor and popular TV series actor Apostolos Gletsos reported had threatened him at gunpoint, warning him not to “interfere with their affairs”. A strong police force was combing east Fthiotida villages and surrounding countryside since early morning to find the four men, who Gletsos said were “well known” in the area.

So far, one man of Romanian nationality with links to the gang has been arrested. By the middle of the day, police officers had searched dozens of houses and rooms in four villages and continue to seek three more people in rural areas of Stylida.

Roughly a week ago, members of the same gang had sent Gletsos a threatening letter that again told him to stay out of their affairs. The same group has apparently often run into trouble with the police for thefts and drug-related offences.

The state news agency said on Thursday that the mayor urged local residents to report any incident related to the four men that came to their attention, describing them as a “gang of Eastern Fthiotida”.


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