Dutch television show ridicules Greeks… Stupidity has no limits! (VIDEO)

Stupidity has no limits!! This show might have enjoyed ridiculing Greeks and Greece, but before criticising Greece or any other country, these entertainers should first take at look at their own nation’s flaws.
I cannot blame all the Dutch people for this video… but it is insulting to me that these entertainers have no idea and/or concept of what is really going on around the globe. This is not a Greek crisis you media twits… This is a GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISES.
Although Greece did not have a banking crisis of the magnitude of other EU member-states, its public finances were hit hard by the recession caused by the global financial crisis.
The ‘bail-outs’ provided by the EU and the IMF did not solve the problem of over-indebtedness. 

In fact, they make it worse. This is because the austerity measures to which they are tied intensify the recession of the Greek economy. While GDP is shrinking, the ratio of both the public deficit and debt increase. 

Furthermore, the ongoing speculation against Greek government bonds keeps increasing the interest rates and therefore the burden of the debt. The failure to regulate such financial actors as the credit ratings agencies and the hedge funds only exacerbates the problem, so as you see its not because we bask in the sun all day and drink ouzo.

You claimed in your video that the money that was given to Greece was “pocketed” by the people… and I say the way the EU has handled the so-called ‘Greek crisis’ has made matters worse in our country. Not only has there been a failure to understand the nature of the crisis and the dangers for the Eurozone more generally, but also there has been confusion on how to solve the crisis.

And because of this, your entertainers describe us to be nothing more than lazy kleptomaniac pigs…. ?

Contrary to what you believe, and according to the OSCE, workers in Greece work longer hours than in Germany (an average 2,161 hours annually per worker in 2009, as opposed to 1,382 in Germany) and even your country!

Wake up!

What’s happening in Greece is a window into what is to come in the future. 
Indeed, the US, the UK and other debt-heavy nations may never tumble into crises as severe as Greece’s but they will indeed suffer as well. The US, for a host of reasons, is not Greece, but Americans, Brits, French, Italians and other Westerners (even your country) can not avoid the budget cuts and potentially lower living standards the Greeks are suffering through today as governments across the globe will inevitably at one time or another be forced to restore order to their shattered finances.

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, Greek people have had a massive influence on modern life. When you begin to talk about Greece again consider how great philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle and Plato shaped our way of thought. How science, mathematics, drama and art broadened our minds. How the Olympic spirit links nations of people in peace. How a band of 300 men under the guidance of Leonidas taught the world how to fight. And most importantly how the Greek language helped to give birth to Latin…. In fact most of the trends pertaining to education, sports and politics are adopted from the ancient Greek practices. These very practices, my dear entertainers, have influenced the world from generation to generation and will continue to do so since Greece was and will always be one of the most influential nations in terms of shaping western cultures and living.

You have no right to insult this country. 

Look at your own flaws as a nation first. Why don’t you make an entertaining music video about the political party of the Dutch paedophiles? You know… the perverted “Dutch Pederast Party” that wants to run in your next federal elections and have the right to abuse children?

Just the thought makes my hair crawl.

Or what about the fact that your country has the most experience with physician-hastened deaths. Both euthanasia and assisted suicides remain crimes there but doctors who end their patients’ lives are not prosecuted. 
Does that sound normal to you?
Go smoke some weed at one of your infamous coffee shops… 
Go for some “sexual shopping therapy”
Have a gay marriage…!!!!

You think your compatriots are more European than Greeks?

WRONG! Greeks invented the word “Europe” you bloody morons!

Skata sto lako sas! 


Marina Spanos

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