Omogeneia paper reveals shocking work permits to Australia scam

A huge scam operation was revealed by Australia’s Neos Kosmos newspaper over the weekend, said that unknown individuals, posing as immigration “advisors”, have attempted and/or planned to extort loads of money from interested Greeks that wanted to emigrate there for false work permits and/or visas. Greek citizens wishing to leave Greece because of the huge debt problem fell victim to this scam via some website. The victims claim that the persistent racketeers are still annoying them with consecutive threatening phone calls and e-mails until they extract their money.

A report, carried out by the Community, surprisingly showed that many Greek citizens fell victim to this operation via some misleading websites. According to the “Neos Kosmos” homogenous newspaper, the offices of the Greek Community is receiving a massive load of complaints from Greeks every day.

The newspaper quoted the general secretary of the Community, Kostas Markou, as saying that from what has been uncovered so far the scam began in Australia (and in particular from 101 Collins Street in Melbourne, web address  He said the website operates under false promises, and its aim is to extract personal information from interested parties and then unknown people begin to bother the applicants for visa about payment.

He also underlined that the organization is totally non- existent and a total scam. Interested parties should be aware.

For those wishing to immigrate to Australia it is better if they log on to the Australian immigration ministry’s web page ( The web page also provides a list with the names of legal immigration consultants.

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