BBC Special: Life in Sparta amid economic gloom (VIDEO)

BBC‘s Paul Henley reports from Sparta. The impact of Greece’s economic crisis on the everyday lives of its citizens tends to be obscured by all the images of violent protests in Athens recently. The new video from the BBC focuses on how the austerity measures have also raised fears of long-term joblessness as well as  enhanced the difficulty of keeping a small business afloat. 
The BBC correspondent also has a chat with the indignant Spartans who a month ago said no to the clutch of Europe and conveyed the message of resistance all over Greece, Europe and all over the world. The group of almost 30 protestors walked from Sparta to Athens, or 250 kilometers, to join the protests at Syntagma Square. 
It is this timeless message of Sparta which talks about the eternal fight for values. Their slogans: “People are free”; “Nations are free”; “Freedom is conquered, it is not granted.” Their first journey was part of a special BBC news special last month. Click here to read relevant story.

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