Greece on Keiser’s Hotspots (VIDEOS)

Max Keiser was recently in Greece again to analyze last week’s loan package from both the EU and the International Monetary Fund with several prominent members of the medical and media industries. In these two videos Max speaks with  Dr. Kyriakos Tobras from on how market speculation turned into a financial fraud crime, transforming market profits in money laundering and the national sovereignty of Greece into a financial slavery scam (check both links – and also ).
He also spoke with Dimitris Antoniou a 56 year old resident surgeon and oncologist in Halkida who filed a lawsuit last May against a list of parliamentarians who signed the memorandum of Ministers, the President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias but also against members of the “Troika” (names and addresses included). (Check story on this link –
Keiser also had a revealing chat with Helen Skopis, a journalist and blogger of

Both videos are quite informative, I recommend them highly.

Hotspots: Greece (1/2) 
Hotspots: Greece – (2/2) 

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