More than 30 fires in less than one month on Zante (VIDEO)

The island of Zakynthos has over the last thirty days suffered more than 30 fires and many officials on the island suspect arson. On Monday Greek coast guard and land rescue teams helped about 70 tourists escape encircling wildfires. According to news reports, three boats evacuated about 20 people, mostly women and children, from the Dafni beach area and fire-fighters cleared the way through the flaming forests to let tourists reach their cars, the Greek radio television ERT reported. No injuries were reported.

The report from state television ERT said that the fire was brought under control Monday night. They also noted that a 42-year-old man was arrested after locals reported seeing him setting fires with a lighter. The man, according to other reports has denied all allegations and has been released on bail.

For their safety, Greek civil protection authorities warned locals and visitors to Zakynthos to refrain from using open fires as wind and scorching temperatures have created high risk wildfire conditions this summer.


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