ICG: Greece and Turkey have to find a solution in the Aegean

Just days after Hillary Clinton came to Greece a detailed report which was posted a little ago to the site of the International Crisis Group (ICG) refers to the relations between Greece – Turkey and the need to find solution in the Aegean.

ICG believes that the trade-offs is the only solution to resolve once and for all the problems that exists in the Aegean and suggests among other things the demilitarization of Aegean islands in exchange for the dissolution of the Turkish 4th Army, the public recognition of vital Turkish interest in the Aegean, the ratification of UNLOS in the Aegean and the selective expansion of Greek territorial waters.
In substance, this anti-Greek NGOs serving particular interests (see the treacherous role of NGOs in Greece and Cyprus), fully adopts the Turkish claims in the Aegean attempting to give impetus to the secret diplomacy of Prime Minister George Papandreou. 
The bait is the purported economic benefits of reducing tensions in the region. Tensions, however, that are grown exclusively by the revisionist policy of Turkey. At the same time this report restores the well known but meaningless proposal to abolish the 4th Army, a proposal inspired by the Turkish Chief of the naval forces that invaded Cyprus in 1974 and ex Chief of the Turkish Navy at the time of the Imia crisis, Admiral Güven Erkaya.

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