Why bomb Norway anyway, is it because they wanted a piece of Greek oil?

From what it looks like the world is indeed going to witness many tragedies this year and well into the next, and of course the west will probably blame some big bad terrorist organisation for all the misery. In the past it was the iron curtain and after 9/11 it has always been about a group of unshaven men with sheets on their heads who go around beating up their women. Now don’t get me wrong… I am well aware of the barbaric and horrendous crimes these fellows have committed as well, I am not taking sides here, I just want to point out that in every story there is always a good guy and a bad guy.
Now how does all this tie up with what happened in Norway? Simple… After the tragic bombing a couple of days ago, and the massacre of innocent civilians that occurred several hours later by some crazed madman, one cannot help but wonder why Norway? Aside from cold weather, this is a peaceful nation. Throughout its history it has been consumed in developing itself and raising the quality of life for its people.It is a peaceful country that has never disturbed anyone.
Well… according to Pericles Athanasopoulos Norway can play a significant role in today’s global Energy Charter.
Let us look at the facts.
Norway is a country where the privatization of a state enterprise and the revenue received dealt with the so-called “redistribution” to the people. In other words, almost all government bonds, in all public funds, now belong to the insurance funds, namely the Norwegian people. And according to Pericles Athanasopoulos, these reserves are estimated to range at some two trillion dollars!!!! That is almost seven times Greece’s debt!
Norway, claims the article, which was featured on http://thoureios.blogspot.com in 2010 bought out almost all Greece’s debt (or about 300 billion Euros worth), and expects to offset with having exclusive rights for oil exploitation in the Aegean. 
Hmm…. with all the hype about natural gas and oil exploration in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, the recent visits by Hillary Clinton to Athens, the sourness of US officials over the pipeline deals that the former Prime Minister of Greece Costas Karamanlis attempted to land in the energy (which almost cost him his life), a delayed recognition of Greece’s EEZ, and the games being played in the Aegean in the area of Kastelorizo.

Now I know what some of you will say, this sounds too far-fetched. If you really soak in all the information, then its not just another conspiracy in the making, it might very well be true and Athanassopoulos’ article might prove to be less far-fetched than we might all think. And the reason I say this is because Norway has the financial reserves to do as it pleases, it could of very well cut a deal with Greece and bought out all of its debt just like he claims. Maybe our leaders were playing with both sides and Norway was in the middle so they decided to side with them. After all Norway does not need any foreign funds, so this instantly curbs away possible economic terrorists to its economy and all its business transactions… so the banking cartel can’t really get its filthy hands on corrupting its leaders much in the way it did here in Greece, so maybe, just maybe this is all true. Also Norway has already formally expressed its interest in Greece’s energy exploration. A fine example of this is the article that was featured in Kathimerini on April 27 2011.
“Norway interested in drilling for oil in Greece

Norway has invited Greek Deputy Environment, Energy and Climate Change Minister Yiannis Maniatis to Oslo in order to discuss oil exploration rights expected to be awarded in the the Mediterranean country’s west.

Norwegian Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy Per Rune Henriksen formally invited Maniatis to a meeting where the two are scheduled to look at the searching, drilling and development of hydrocarbons in Greek waters. In the next 18 to 24 months, the Greek government has said it will invite bids by private operators to search for oil and natural gas in a bid to cut energy imports.

At the moment, Energean is Greece’s only oil and natural gas exploration company, producing some 3,000 barrels of oil per day off Kavala, in the country’s north. Maniatis is also expected to meet with officials from Norwegian oil giant Statoil, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) and TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS).”

Returning to the article by Athanasopoulos, Norway is the only country in the world that has the expertise in mining underwater pumping depths of over 10,000 meters, it even takes care Russia’s mining! The only other country that has the same technology and/or capability is the United States with the cooperation of Canada.

If one takes into consideration the above information, then one can assume instantly that the biggest obstacle to the formation of a new global energy map, especially in the eastern Mediterranean, is none other than Norway…! 
Norway does not have a “bubble” economy, but real hard cash and can not only stand on global “pseudo – markets”, but it has the capability to dispel them. In fact, ads, Athanasopoulos, Norway does not even need “pseudo-evaluation” of “pseudo-credit agencies’ since it has the power to respond with expertise and hard work …! 
Given this last bit of information, one can therefore conclude that the bombings in Norway might just be the New World Order’s way of sending out a warning to the global international community to prepare for full submission …! 
Their objective: To control everything. To produce only what they want to produce, and feed only whom they want to feed.

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